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Want to master Linkedin marketing  
to grow your coaching business? 

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Our expertise lies in creating a perfectly dialed in linked marketing process that provides your business with consistency in high quality lead flow, affordability, in a way that feels authentic to you.

You can go from where you are at right now to landing a few clients a month with mostly organic traffic on LinkedIn. Our process has been proven and laid out to you step by step, it is easy to follow and guaranteed to work (it has worked on over 550+ business owners and counting).


Quality before quantity. We will help you get quality leads on LinkedIn while staying true to yourself and making genuine connections. 


Your messaging is everything. Most messages in the current market are broad, generic, high level and too “me focused”. 

What you need instead is a succinct piece of message that is specific, relevant, enticing and clearly communicates why speaking with you is worth their time.

And if they say yes, they should feel irresistible value is imminent. If you do have the right messaging that resonates, your marketing won’t work. We can help you bridge that gap.


Targeting is 50% of your success. Being able to identify the right ideal client on LinkedIn that is in need of your services and also has purchasing power is going to be key. 

Most target anyone without aim or niche. Here, we help you get very specific with your targeting and only target and reach out to high quality leads that are in-market, and ready to engage. 

An intentional sales process that 3x your close rate:

Have you thought about automating your sales argument? Now that at this point in the process, you have already got a consistent leadflow and are fully booked. 

Next step is to convert them. 

Here, we will show you how to install a “pre-selling process” that will automate your sales argument, reduce your time spent on the phone by 2x, while increasing your conversion rate 

Want to master Linkedin marketing
 to scale your business? 


 How much is my monthly ongoing costs (in addition to the investment into your program?)

 When can I start to get leads and book sales appointments from your system?

 What is my time commitment weekly?

 Do you take a percentage of sales?

 Can I offload this to my assistant or VA to help me implement?

 What is your track record - Do you have any testimonials or case studies?

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